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Alcoholic in the family won’t admit to problem…Help!?

It’s a rather complex situation. My aunt is an alcoholic and denies the fact that she has a problem, and when confronted she says she can quit drinking any time.

My uncle (her husband) calls my house all the time to express his worry for her mental and physical health. He has tried to get her help but she refuses.

The problem is that my grandmother - the mother of my alcoholic aunt - doesn’t think there’s a problem, either, and will not encourage her daughter to get help. She continually blames her daughter’s husband instead of facing the real issue: her daughter’s alcoholism.

Both of my uncles and my mother realize there is a serious problem but my aunt’s husband can’t get control of her, and now he’s filing for divorce.

And the main issue is that she lives across the country in Washington state, whereas the rest of the family lives along the east coast, both north and south.

It is tiring and makes me sad to hear my mom on the phone with my aunt and grandma, trying to convince them that she is ruining her life and breaking the family up. My aunt hasn’t had a job for years and always resorts to alcohol when things go awry.

The question is, what do we do? We know she needs professional help, which no one in the family can give her personally. How do we get her to admit she needs help - from all the way across the country?
Nearly all of my aunt’s closest relatives - including her own daughter - have sat her down and told her that they would never speak to again if she did not seek professional help. I don’t see what else we can do if she doesn’t take THAT to heart.

You can’t force someone to get help. Sometimes, an intervention will get someone to see that there is a problem, but with two people in denial, that isn’t going to work.

Tell her that you will make sure she gets help when she is ready. Then step back. Her marriage is ending because of her drinking. If that isn’t going to get her to face her situation, nothing you say will.

Then set limits. It doesn’t sound like she’s asking you for money, but you need to respect the limits on your side. That means backing off and letting her make her own choices. If she doesn’t want to admit her problem, then stop trying to make her. Make the family about everything else instead of about trying to force help on her. She will have to hit bottom first, and you and the rest of the family need to live your lives until then, no matter how hard it seems.

Eventually she will realize that she has hit bottom. It might come while she is in a jail cell. But you have to wait until then, because you can’t force anything on her until she is ready.

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east coast travel itinerary?
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Hi guys,

I am planning an east coast trip and having serious problems in finalising my itinerary (we basically have 5 different versions already).

here’s the details: we have 15 days to travel and plan to visit these places:
1) NYC (est 5D4N)
2) Niagara Falls (est 2D1N)
3) Woodbury Common (est 2D1N)
4) Jersey Gardens (est 1D1N)
5) Boston (est 2D1N)
6) Washington DC (1D)
7) Philly (1D)
8) Montreal & Quebec City (feel like gng, but can ship if no time)

anyone can help me out on this itinerary? Our original intention was to take coach/buses around to reach each city and plan free & easy routes so we have more flexibility (for shopping) and can spend more time at places we enjoy. however, it seems difficult to plan transport in between train/bus stations and hotels so we considered tour packages as well. The tour packages are very economical and save our time in logistics planning. However, we are afraid that the itineraries will be too rush and we don’t get to enjoy the attractions. can anyone recommend which is better? F&E or package or a mix of both?

Hard to say since you don’t indicate what your interests are - I will tell you that you’ve seen one outlet mall you’ve seen them all so not too sure why you have so many days scheduled for them. (3&4).

Niagara falls is the one that will be the hardest to do since it is a good 6-8 hours ground transport from all of your other stops. You will use most of your allotted time just to get there. It certainly is wonderful and amazing if you are going to do one of the behind the falls things or the Maid of the Mist ride you get feeling of power of the river - the town on the canadian side is mostly tourist shops etc - which can also be interesting.

There is a lot to see in Washington DC and allowing 1 day will mean you will not get to see much. To maximize your time there - get tickets to a tour trolley that you can get on and off of but WARNING if you have anyone in your group that likes fine art - one museum will take an entire day.

I’m not too sure why you have 5 days allocated for NYC unless there are specific things you want to do. (like see somethings on Broadway etc). The fastest way to see ’sights’ in NYC is to grab a day or 1/2 day tour - then you can do what you want the rest of the time.

There is little of transport that is ‘free and easy’ in the NYC, Boston, Philly, DC areas.

Including Montreal, Quebec and Niagara Falls will suck up lots of your trip on travel unless you are able to fly up there.

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High School Band Trips Ideas?

Hi guys. My band teacher asked us for ideas on where we wanna go next year for our band trip. Besides Disney World, California, Washington D.C., and NYC where is a good place to go on a vacation for a band trip? Preferably on the East coast please.

Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Big tourist area, family oriented, lots to do provided you go in spring or fall. Also has Dollywood.

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Help Me Find A Vacation Spot On The West Coast!!!!!!?

My girlfriend and I try to go on a vacation every year to a new spot. Two years ago she was pregnant we decided to go to the AZ. and did the train ride up to the Grand Canyon then drove to Hoover Dam and then followed to Vegas. Last year we had our little boy and decided to go to S.F. which was fun and easy with all the attractions. This year I’m stuck without any ideas. Would like to stay on West Coast, was looking at New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado but have no idea what to do there. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. "No ski resorts or theme parks the kid is too young for that"

Many beaches on Washington and Oregon’s coast are beautiful. West of Lincoln, Or. are some nice beaches. Northwest Washington has a lake called Ozette. The trails are all boardwalk. It was on the coast there that I proposed to my wife.

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Ideas for short vacation to celebrate graduating college?

I will be graduating in June 2011 from college (finally!) and I want to go away on a short trip with my boyfriend. I was thinking something on the East coast, like Maine, Maryland, Washington DC, etc. Even Toronto would be good but I need something not crazy expensive but possibly between $500-$600 with flight and hotel (3-4 days). Any Ideas? Have you been anywhere on the East coast that you would recommend? Thanks alot!

A short, four day cruise would be perfect! They’re really cheap right now too! Try http://www.royalcaribbean.com/home.do.

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Are my parents spy’s, yes or no?

Not that you guys have any chance of answering this or are any type of experts but the chance of actually catching a spy even with surveillance equipment is probably hard as shit specially when they are your own parents.

My parents sold their business last year in 2010 of like the 5th month. My dad is the accountant and has always kept detailed records of everything. How busy is an accountant really? He was the most busiest when tax time was 2-3 months away. The business was over 25 years old. He also handled the bills and such. When they did first sell they went on vacations and there was no signs of needing to do accounting at all. Now for the last 2 weeks my dad has been back on the computer with all his boxes and his envelopes of receipts, cabinets everywhere of endless files. Can this much work really just show up in February? I don’t know what he does but recently he seems to be sitting there typing away at the computer for 6+ hours a day while my mom is upstairs on her computer. He is incredibly smart too, knows laws and rules like really good but has never been to law school. I told my mom once that I wanted to be a special agent and mentioned to a training place in Langley Virginia and she said ‘Oh I have lots of friends that went to Langley’. When I asked like who? She said ‘My cop friends went there for training’ and listed names. My dad also has mentioned a trip he took to Washington D.C. when he was like college age, I’m not really sure how old he was but I’m assuming before I was alive. When I asked him why he went there… All he can manage to say ‘oh it was just a trip for the state’ or something to that effect. I can provide you with more info if needed. I am just puzzled of all the files of paper work he keeps and I have no idea whats in them lol. He literally has boxes to the ceilings of them all organized, multiple file cabinets.

Is it common for cops to goto Langley, VA for training if they live on the west coast? Fat ones too?

The funny thing is my dad looks like a spy or agent. Big glasses, bald, beard, he has a top hat, he did serve some time in the national guard, he did say once the fbi visited his highschool and college when he was in school. My mom also very much reminds me of a dispatcher type with good people skills and high level of management / under pressure and critical thinking skills.

Maybe its just late(4am) and I am over thinking lol.

Don’t quit your day job. You won’t make it as a fiction writer.

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